In 2016, we joined a group of sociologists, political theorists, geographers, philosophers and literary scholars for the digital re-launch of the Social Science Research Council’s journal, Items: Insights from the Social Sciences. The task was to reflect on “Interdisciplinarity Now,” a subject that has long interested social scientists. In our contribution, we identify several modes of interdisciplinary work on global climate change, and examined some of the Euro-American knowledge problems entailed in each. The article also considers an intriguing yet underappreciated challenge of studying “interdisciplinarity:” how to gain analytic purchase when we are all – researcher and researched alike – natives in the world of research.

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Sanders, T. and E.F. Hall 2016. ‘Interdiscipinarity, climate change, and the native’s point of view.’ Items: Insights from the Social Sciences. Social Science Research Council journal. Special inaugural theme on ‘Interdisciplinarity Now.’